what is blogger and how to create blogger?

what is blogger

Through Google Blogger, you can share your life and any of your skills on the Internet and you can earn money from Google Blogger for free, it is not a matter of fun nor you can make money for free. Through the blogger website   like   “video” “audio” article  and you can access your skill with others.

how to create blogger ?

To create a blogger, you have to go to the website of Google Blogger, I have given you a link in it, you can click on it and you can go to the blogger’s site and you will open this kind of page in front of you. create blogger here click 

After visiting Google Blogger’s website, you will see such displays in front of you.create blogger-tec07

after you click create blogger option left side  after you see there new blog option and there click

new blog tec07

and here type your title name etc  what you want about show all world like example my website about tech then i will put “seo”tech news, mobile gadgets etc  after you see there address this mean you are url name like my website name tec07 then you can any put what you re website name like “domin”  but here google blogger add sub domain blogspot.com  well google blogger give free hosting for life time 

and after choose themes you can use any theme there you can find in  google blogger  after click create blog

then your front side this type display show blogger

after you use google blogger free

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